Vorsis M-1 Microphone Processor

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DSP Performance by Wheatstone. The Vorsis M-1 Mic Processor.

The Vorsis M-1 from Wheatstone is voice tailored as a front end microphone pre-amp and comprehensive processor. We expect good things from Wheatstone, a leader in professional audio consoles. The Vorsis line of processing builds on that leadership, offering a gateway tool to their flagship products.

What sets a Vorsis processor apart from the pack? A DSP device from the ground up, the M-1 delivers outstanding range, features and flexibility not possible in legacy hardware. The front panel is busy, but the real power lies in the included remote control software. I never even touched (well, maybe once) the front panel. Let’s jump into the M-1 out-of-box experience.

Via front panel or remote network control, the benefits of a digital processing engine come to light immediately. It is very easy to over-control the M-1. Pre-amp, compressor and expander sections are logical and respond perfectly. I found the de-esser to be a bit harsh. Either too aggressive or not noticeable, that de-sibilized sweet spot was elusive. Fortunately, any logical section of the M-1 can simply be toggled on or off from the software.

With so much DSP latitude, it became apparent that the M-1 could take on (almost) any sound you may want. Nudge the passband a bit, create, bump and move the emphasis, narrow the Q –and so it goes. From transparent to warm, tame to aggressive, the M-1 offers endless personalities – its strongest attribute. Create multiple templates for different clients or personalities. Take time to tweak an M-1 personality for the job and it will become not just an acquaintance, but a friend.

Listen in and let me know what you think?

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