Shure SM-7B Microphone

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The Shure SM-7B Dynamic Microphone. …a Classic Radio/Studio Performer

All business. Decades ago, that was my first impression of the Shure SM-7. Today, it remains unchanged. Arriving in a plain white box, the unassuming SM-7B waited for a test drive to come alive. Unique styling, solid performance and durability that should last a lifetime. That’s the SM-7 I know.

A cardioid dynamic, the SM7B requires a nice boost from the pre-amp. The back cover reveals two switches. A typical low cut switch sits next to a (not so typical) articulation switch. Most pro microphones include some type of articulation bump that slightly boosts the speech area. Very few microphones allow you to switch the mid-high boost on and off. …the SM7B does

You’ll also find two distinct foam wind screens. One wind screen covers most bases, but an industrial, heavy duty screen is also included. This mic loves to be close talked, and I took full advantage of that!

Listen in and let me know what you think?

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