Neumann TLM 103 Anniversary Edition Microphone

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The most popular contemporary Neumann microphone? The TLM 103

Before I demo a microphone, it’s always interesting to cruise the forums and hear what people are saying. The TLM 103 usually needs no introduction in the fields of studio and speech recording. Any time a microphone is remotely compared with the legendary U87ai, debates ensue. My take is that the TLM 103 is its own unique piece of audio transduction. Relying on the newer TLM (transformer less microphone) circuitry, the 103 will be forever compared to the U87 because of similar capsules.

Budgets are a major concern for most of us. The TLM 103 is roughly one third the cost of a U87ai. My thought is the pit a U87ai against the TLM 103 in a voiceover, speech/radio setting. Something tells me we won’t hear a drastic difference in our venue, but I’ll let you decide. I see both of these microphones not only as quality precision instruments, but investments as well. The U87 family has a much longer lineage, but the TLM line is already making its mark in the industry. I promise not to use too much compression …or will I?

The TLM 103 comes with a standard (non-shock) mount and a nicely done presentation case. I am using the TLM 103 Anniversary Edition. For about $200 USD more, it’s a no brainer. The Anniversary Edition adds a beautiful flight case, but more importantly, an EA 1 shock mount. Neumann shock mounts, purchased separately are not inexpensive.

Cosmetically, the 103 is stout. Somewhere in size between a TLM 102 and TLM 49 is about right?

Let’s move on to the good stuff and actually hear it in action. The TLM 103 Anniversary Edition goes on-air in Studio1A. Pull up a chair and listen in!

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