Neumann TLM 102 Microphone

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The TLM 102 Offers Tremendous Neumann Value Without Compromise.

One of our most popular videos, the Neumann TLM 102, updated with a new spider mount and preamp. Sorry …the preamp and spider mount are not included.

We connect the Neumann TLM 102 to our Empirical Labs Mike-e and let it speak for itself.

This is a well balanced, large diaphragm condenser mic. Of course, I tried it with speech. Those more vocally gifted may find the TLM 102 a perfect stage mic. Normally, condensers are shy about leaving controlled environments. While gentle handling and moisture are still the rule, the very small stature and solid build of the 102 might make it a less fragile alternative?

The 102 arrives in a small, unassuming box and a standard (non-shock) mount, maximizing value.

I would expect great sound from a Neumann and again was not disappointed. Clean output and high sound pressure levels add to this “little” microphones personality. P-pops and proximity effect were minimal, while the (cardioid) pattern still let me wander off-axis a bit.

Neumann quality at a price that won’t break the bank. Check out our video and check out the TLM 102!

Drop me an email with your own MP3 file and we’ll do our best to put you ‘on-the-air’.
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