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The M179 multi-pattern Studio Microphone from CAD Audio.

Last time, we tried out the CAD Audio GXL3000. I would have called it the GLM3000 for “Great Little Mic”. Sounded excellent, multi-pattern and under $100USD street price. It’s right below if you happened to miss the cast. But this show is about an only slightly more expensive microphone from the same company…

The CAD Audio M179 is a bit of a surprise. First; while the microphone is rather modest in size, the carry case is huge. Be assured that your M179 will be well cushioned. The 1.1 inch dual diaphragm condenser sounds nice and crisp. Voiceovers are sharp and punctual. Admittedly, I worked this mic too closely during recording (about 3 inches) and worked in a few minor plosives. Although my own brain blocked them out, they were present in the playback. I could have filtered them out, but that would color the result. You are hearing the mic with compression (as we normally do), but not a bit of EQ.

Feed this one either P24 or P48 volts phantom. The shock mount is first rate. No clamp-on, as with the GXL3000. High-pass (100hz) and 20db pad switches sit above the ‘360 degree pattern wheel’. This is the icing on an already good cake. The M179 doesn’t just switch patterns in and out, off and on. A cardioid center detent wheel allows you to smoothly roll from omni to cardioid and then hyper-cardioid. Throw in a figure eight pattern as well.

So – the husky shock mount holds onto a slightly compact (compared to the GXL3000) microphone that sounds not too big nor too small. For voice work, the M179 suited me just fine. It also helps to know that this is a well respected microphone that has a current street price around $159.

Don’t take my word for it though. Join me and listen in to the M179.

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