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New from Blue! The small and affordable Spark.

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Blue microphones are always a surprise. They stand out in a crowd, but I really enjoy the variety and quality of their product.

A relative newcomer, the Spark is an affordable and great sounding microphone. The Spark is a smaller ‘bottle’ with a capsule to match, making it a medium diaphragm condenser. So – here’s this (street price at publishing) sub-$200USD mic, with a catchy name in a long lineage of quality.

People were saying great things about the Spark, so I just had to try it out. First; it comes in a nicely padded cherry-type wooden box, complete with shock mount and blast filter. The shock mount is not the typical spider type and is very low profile. The best surprise in the box is this nicely branded blast filter. With a single thumb screw, it becomes part of the microphone.

The sound is right in the middle – excellent for voice and general purpose while feeling very solid. If you want a condenser microphone that isn’t too sensitive, but does well with speech the Spark works just fine. Instead of a low-cut filter, there is a ‘focus’ switch. This basically is a very aggressive high-pass filter. The focus button skirts or emphasizes enough low end that the Spark can sound moderately sharp or take on a pronounced bump on the low end. It certainly increases the utility of this microphone.

I could type for days, but lets listen in and hear the Spark at work!

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