A Neumann for “U”

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The TLM 103 with NEW EA4 shock mount, KH120A reference monitors, the TLM 49, U87ai and TLM 102.

It’s been a while. Behind the scenes at Studio1A, a new iMac and one of our prime video machines (better performance than our Mac Pro) took a dive from the desk. After a complete rebuild, we are back on the air with our series of Neumann studio microphone demos -this time in audio. The test pattern will soon be history and we’ll be back on YouTube for the next show.

Speaking of our next show -the legendary Neumann U87ai takes center stage. A YouTube vidcast too? This one deserves it. In short order, a unique audio demo will air. Stay tuned!

Drop me an email with your own MP3 file and we’ll do our best to put you ‘on-the-air’.
mark [at] newmediagear [dot] com



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