dbx 286s Microphone Preamp and Processor

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Performance and value. The dbx 286s delivers

[insert dramatic music] In a world where microphone preamps and processors could each set you back four-figures in US dollars, a loan competitor reigns supreme. [dim music]

Dramatic, but true. The dbx 286 line is well respected and hits a budget minded price point. A one rack-unit device, the 286s is the latest offering from dbx.

You’ll find a clean mic preamp, compressor, de-esser, noise gate and low/high frequency enhancement. What I liked most about the 286s overall is the responsiveness. From preamp to compressor and filters, the range is quite wide and more than adequate.

If I could single out the biggest difference between a high-dollar (four figures in US dollars) strip and the 286s, it would be the ‘sound’ of the pre-amp. While quiet and well behaved, I wanted a bit more character.
…a bit of that analog inspiration

Having said that, I found the 286s to be a pleasure. The affordable price point is stunning and the performance rises above expectations.

But, don’t let me bore you with words. Listen in as we plug in and power on for a hands (and ears) on demo.

Listen in and let me know what you think?

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Going to POTS

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Kirk Harnack of Omnia/Axia highlights the new Telos Hx1.

Remember that clunky old box and headset wired to your wall? The telephone of the past isn’t quite a memory. Today, more than ever, home and business users turn to smart phones, Skype/VoIP and advanced CODEC algorithms for voice and digital communications.

Still, (texting aside) the human voice reigns supreme for effective communication. Mere text cannot intonate, inflect or bond a conversation. Some may give an LOL to that. In fact, both modes have become a binding part of our daily communications.

Back to this telephone (or ‘Plain Old Telephone Service’) technology. Twisted pair, copper or whatever moniker we tag to the analog telephone, it is still the quickest and amazingly easiest way to personalize communications to most parts of the world.

Radio talk shows are as popular as ever. Broadcast and media interviewers rely on POTS as a vital tool. Among the top tools that interface telephone to our audio boards is the hybrid. Having tried several brands, I remain biased by the simplicity and power of a single product; the Telos family.

The Telos One is a telephone gateway to your desktop workstation, interviews and recording voice on the fly. One button operation, advanced digital signal processing and leveling make the Telos One a ‘mount and forget’ workhorse.

From the Telos One, a new star has emerged. Enter the Telos Hx1. Sporting a new look with real time metering, the true beauty of the Hx1 lies in its advanced digital signal processing. Tweaked for todays myriad of phone audio and annoying delays, the Hx1 helps call after call sound consistent thanks to dynamic digital EQ. Adaptive automatic gain control and noise gating, based on Omnia technology uniquely position the Hx1 from the crowd. Front panel send and receive meters allow visual confidence monitoring. Above are just a few highlights of many new Hx1 features.

I would like to tell you an Hx1 is in the rack at this time. At Studio1A, we are working to make that happen. A comprehensive real world demo is headed your way, so stay tuned and keep talking!