JZmic – The Black Hole BH-2

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An unfamiliar name to many. JZ Microphones pack a smooth punch.

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Speaking of the New Year – I recently found a gem of a microphone from JZ Microphones. Receiving the box straight from Latvia, I found a very unconventional looking mic with a rectangular ‘hole’ in the center! The unconventional bead mount works great and looks …different.

The most important aspect of this microphone is that it’s designed, ground up, as a condenser vocal mic. True to form, the audio was velvet smooth. You can hear the sound and decide for yourself.

Besides that smooth vocal sheen, I thoroughly enjoyed what was not included. The BH-2 has no attenuation switch; no alternative patterns. I enjoy simplicity and the BH-2 just works well, without the need for care or adjustment of any kind. The cardioid pattern allowed for a nice bit of off-axis leniency while drastically tightening up on the back side.

Included is a nice cherry wood finish case and shock mount. There is a custom (and very cool looking) blast filter available as an option. Instead, I utilized the Studio1A-standard Stedman filter. Working the microphone closely slickened (is that a word?) up the sound, while backing off made things more transparent. …just a hint of proximity effect

In the world of boutique microphones, you never know what might come along. I can say that my time with JZ microphones has been time well spent. The BH-2 is well made and, as advertised, offers great vocal performance. But – don’t take my word for it. Listen in and hear the Black Hole 2 for yourself.

At publish date, street prices are hovering at $1099 …subject to change.

Listen in and let me know what you think?



Happy 2012! Hear the Gear …Here

Sponsored by BSW. Voiceover, Broadcast, Podcasting, Pro-Audio and New Media Gear is here…

A great tool from our friends at Aphex. Plug in that vintage ‘consumer’ level device (like a reel-to-reel or …dare I say, cassette) and listen to the levels go-pro!

That certainly was quick. The 2011 Holiday Season passed right by. Now, it’s time to buckle up and ready ourselves for a great 2012.

In the blink of an eye, Studio1A begins its ‘official’ 7th year. Official, based on the emergence of New Media to the World; the year of the Podcast.

An entire new wave of products await as NAMM and CES will very shortly reveal. I’ll be searching out new pro-audio gear as well as voicing some of the classics. The Studio1A Reasonably Priced Microphone stands ready as the ultimate low-price competitor to beat. Of course, the World of pro-audio does not spin around microphones alone. There are amps, compressors, consoles, plug-ins and much more to check out.

This year will be a fun ride. Glad I can share it with you!