State of the Studio

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Studio1A is back. A new city, same sound and more professional audio gear.

So. How was your summer? …or winter for our friends across and around the globe

With Lauras help, Studio1A is now nestled in a (not so quiet) bustling suburb. The change is a positive one. Topping the ‘new feature’ list; a large workshop with endless building potential, not to mention multiple floors and almost a mile of new cable between them. Having hired movers, we certainly were surprised at how much boxing and sorting was involved. The real message is just how much more total space we have for product, mic lockers, electronic workstations and even a video sound stage.

As the components (mainly the Wheatstone console) come together, so will the audio. Only a few equipment casualties lie in the wake of the move. One of our Aphex 230s developed a switching power supply problem. Everything else came right back to life and happily feasted on a steady diet of 60Hz AC.

What to expect in the coming weeks? Several new (and surprising) microphones along with our annual Holiday Product Roundup. This year, you’re back in the celebration as we reveal some of the coolest gadgets on the planet. Holiday time is close.

Ok – enough banter for now. Back to Neutrik XLRs, Gotham installation cable, DB-25s and a lot of temperature controlled soldering.

Perhaps I should lay off the smoky rosin-core soldering for just a bit. I’m almost sure that human-sized rabbit in the lobby isn’t real?

…stay tuned!


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