Heil PR-31BW

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The little microphone with a big voice. The Heil PR-31BW large diaphragm dynamic.

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Always at work, developing new sounds for his fans. I spoke with Bob Heil about the latest at HeilSound. It’s always a pleasure to speak with Bob because he is so passionate about his work. It’s downright inspiring compared to trading emails from ad agencies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but HeilSound is a large presence in the microphone world that still takes time to listen when their customers talk.

The PR-40 started the phenomenon at just the right time – as podcasting and new forms of media broke ground with amazing speed. Following the PR-40, with its ultra-smooth low-end dynamic sound came the PR-20 and the unsung hero – the PR-30. While the PR-40 continues to be a guiding light, the PR-30 made quick inroads to television and live sound. The 30 was a little easier to tame in live venues and behaved well on (comparatively) noisy television sound stages. In a broadcast booth, the full sounding PR-40 is king, although it too can be found on-stage.

When a well known customer came to Bob with a request, it wasn’t long before the PR-31BW emerged. While the PR-30 filled a sonic void, it was a bit large for drum placement, under cymbals and sometimes even in front of a guitar amp. The PR-31BW was born; the “BW” referring to FOH engineer Bob Workman. Bob Heil went to work, “chopping” the PR-30, retaining its character while turning it into a shorty. The transformation worked quite well, and I’ll let you decide how it sounds. The only thing I would add to this little/big dynamic is a shock mount. The SM-2C works fine. In placing a large element in a small capsule, the laws of physics just won’t bend.

Join me for a sonic peak at the PR-31BW and the latest from HeilSound.

More to come …stay tuned!


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