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The falling snow (or at least slightly cooler temperatures), signal it is time again for the annual NewMediaGear Holiday Product Roundup. How things have changed in a single year.

At last years Consumer Electronics Show, e-readers were one of the most prevalent line of gadgets displayed. At that time, I thought it was old news? We had the highly priced Kindle and I thought; game over. How wrong could I have been?

Laura and I have always been fans of the iPod Touch and realized we were out of date – being early adopters of the 2nd gen. Fixing that problem and purchasing a 3rd generation Touch made all well. …at least for a few months until the 4th gen Touch appeared – with still photo and video capability

I have to back up, because in between, we had the iPad. The iPad really is a deal changer for me. I’ve read books on it, but mostly, the iPad squashed the idea of a netbook. Even without a keyboard accessory, the iPad gets the job done amazingly quick using solid state storage all the way around. …no spinning platters

As for a desktop replacement notebook, my luggable Alienware M17x is great. The problem is that it’s an M17x (huge). When the MacBook Air 2nd gen was released, I was again amazed at the bottleneck breaking speed that a mediocre CPU/GPU could deliver by removing that spinning hard drive platter. Scrubbing through 1080p video was speedier on the Air than my iMac.

Together – the MacBook Air 2nd gen and 4th gen Touch are becoming a portable video studio. Yes, the small sensor, pin hole optics, stabilization and rolling shutter issues limit what can be captured on the Touch and iPhone. However, I find myself shooting much more video and capturing shots that would have otherwise escaped forever.

This Holiday show will revolve around many of the above mentioned products, along with accessories/enhancements that make them even more useful.

Has anyone not used WireTap from Ambrosia Software? What a fantastic software tool. Capture any audio your Mac can, then route it …almost anywhere. Using the software is a breeze and works amazingly well. After routing the audio, save it in your choice of formats. Live preview lets you hear the effect of plug-ins (yes, WTS allows you to utilize plug-ins) so you can decide on the fly. Need to do some quick editing? WireTap Studio does that. WireTap Studio is a tool I wouldn’t want to be without. The most difficult part about WireTap is deciding whether to go with WireTap Studio or the ultra-cool WireTap Anywhere. WTA ups the ante by allowing you to patch, and cross patch source/destination in real time. I can’t begin to tell you how powerful the WireTap products are, so check out some of the quick videos at Ambrosia Software.

It could hardly be a Holiday show without something new and cool from Otterbox. From the moment I spotted the “Defender” case on an iPad, it sealed the deal. Our iPads get a lot of use and who better to protect them than the folks at Otterbox? The Defender keeps your iPad surrounded in padded comform and away from the elements. It even includes a picture frame type stand. Be sure to check out the newest Defender series for iPhone and 4th gen Touch too. Great stuff, as expected, from Otterbox.

Griffin Technology is a one-stop techno gadget/accessory stop for iPad, iPod, iPhone owners of all generations. Having just picked up a Touch 4th gen, I trust Griffin to keep the shiny chrome side in perfect shape until the 5th gen Touch is released. One very cool product that stands out from Griffin Technology is the PowerDock Dual. This clever device is designed with a large (iPad) universal charge dock and a small one that accepts iPhone, Touch, iPod Classic and even a nano. Feel free to drop your keys and/or spare change in the oval middle. It’s a cool way to keep your collection of ‘i’ products charged and ready to go.

We all, from time to time, need to capture something on our screen. It just happens. For years now, I have used an excellent screen capture utility called Snagit. Beyond simple screen captures, Snagit allows you to automatically scroll an entire page, keep hyperlinks …or just grab the ungrabbable. TechSmith (of Camtasia fame), recently introduced this handy tool for the Mac. Now, whether I’m on the Windows or Mac platform, Snagit is around as a trusted utility.

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