Headphones for the Studio – Our Favorites

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A few of our favorite headphones for broadcasting …and just listening

Headphones. As broad a topic as microphones. Everyone has their favorite brands and models.

Over the years, I’ve found a few favorites that others in the business seem to like as well. Some are inexpensive, some quite pricey. Others sound great, but are just uncomfortable. Throughout all of the pros and cons, some common factors always weigh in…

The most important aspect of headphones is how they will be used. Will you simply plug them in and listen, or will these be used for recording? Will others be using them and will they be used daily? If so, it usually means you need phones that are physically tough. Do the phones color your audio? Many listeners are ok with headphones that boost base, while others require reference and accuracy. Something many of us don’t think about is the length of cable. Most used for broadcast have a nice long straight cable …that can be replaced without trashing the phones.

I was almost going to make a list, but that just wouldn’t work. It would be akin to listing the “best” microphone.

No lists, but Laura and I are ready with our own (sometimes differing) opinions of the good and bad – budget and pricey; favorites for casual listening or serious broadcasting.

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