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MXL Mics
A trio of MXL Condensers.

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We received a great response from our last mic show – Broadcast Classics.

This week, we turn to Recording Studio microphones. The natural follow-up show would be “Recording Studio Classic” microphones. As I pondered that thought, it sounded great in my head. Then I started thinking about who may part with their classic U47, U87, a nice Ela M 251 or an AKG C12 and reality set in. Another thought was encoding audio from these mics into MP3 and goosebumps appeared.

Suffice it to say, that we’ll not hear from any of the very costly mics above on this particular show. However; for our purposes, a new wave of “classics” are right at our fingertips.

The goal for this show will be affordable large diaphram condenser “recording” microphones. Who better than to represent the first wave than MXL. MXL has been producing affordable, quality studio and general purpose mics for some time. When I started Studio1A Productions in 2005, MXL was anxious to work with me and I appreciate that.

We’ll try out 3 MXL mics that I really enjoy using. Looking at the MXL site, we can find a wide array of new models. The mics you’ll hear represent a good cross-section of that lineage, including a high-quality USB model, a tube-powered offering and finally, a hybrid – the Silicon Valve.

Hit the play button as we demo affordable, studio mics from Marshall/MXL, meant to capture voice and instruments in your studio without breaking the bank.

In no particular order, we’ll try out the:
MXL V6 Silicon Valve (street price at publish time – $221.11)
MXL V69 Mogami Edition (street price at publish time – $299)
MXL 008 USB (street price at publish time $169)


Stories from a Road Trip…

New Media Gear
SUBSCRIBE to New Media Gear Podcasts and HD Vidcasts!

Niagara Falls
Hometown for Laura and I – A photo of the Mighty Niagara

Credit: Roland Tobiasz – Licensed under Creative Commons

I used to love zipping across the nation, whether it be for business or a simple getaway.

These days, ‘there is no place like home’ – especially after 1200 miles of driving and roughly the same amount aboard a Boeing 717 (I wasn’t flying the plane).

This little get-away was a respite for Laura and I. It was great to spend time with family and we did have a wonderful time.

Now… back to business as we take on more mics, a very cool little vidcam and the promised small-frame mixers.

First priority is a freshly brewed blend of my favorite Java and then email and into Studio1A, where we’ll all meet up to chat about the gear that makes it happen.

Chat with you soon…